Madagaskar-Vision e.V. Press-Release

German-Malagasy Network supporting 20+ schools

Harald Kreutzer, Vorsitzender Madagaskar Vision e.V.

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Madagaskar Vision e.V. (NGO): School-Sponsoring-Network Germany-Madagascar supporting 20+ schools and more than 6000 pupils a year. 


What began in 1991 with one school has become a strong network of german individuals and institutions supporting schools in Madagascar.

Meanwhile more than 6000 pupils are supported in their educational training through monthly contributions to their school ranging from 25-50 Euros. These amounts are transferred 1-2 times a year by Madagaskar Vision staff and are aimed to support existing schools in what is not only expected by the ambitious Madagascar Action Plan by the Malagasy Government: Creating a successful and barrier-free primary education systems by supporting schools with money to buy and distribute free school-material to their pupils.

Many pupils are still excluded from primary education because their families cannot afford school-material like pens or paper to participate in class. Like in other parts of the world as well, many schools in Madagascar are not satisfyingly funded to provide good teaching materials.

Madagaskar Vision's approach is to support schools - with focus in the region of Brickaville - with extra-money to their budgets to enhance quality and allow more children to participate in school. The extra-money is allocated through a local school-comittee which is set up at every school. It decides about how the money is invested into the school. The school-committee is accountable to the local people and the donors.

Figures show that supported schools sometimes double their numbers of pupils (compared to situation before support started). In 2001/ 2002 CEG Brickaville for instance counted 578 pupils. In 2004/ 2005 the same school had risen to 1036 pupils. EPP Ranomainty rose from 379 in 2000/2001 to 582 pupils in 2003/2004.

Madagaskar Vision would like to say thank you to all donors and people that support the network.